Drutex among the strongest brands in Poland!


Drutex again in a row has been awarded the Superbrands Polska Marka 2018 title. The decision to give the title was made by consumers. The award goes to the best of the best, basing on the biggest consumer survey of brand strength in Poland.

Drutex has been the leader among the strongest brands in Poland. The position is confirmed by the Superbrands title given to Drutex for the 4th time in a row.

The decision to grant the title is made exclusively by consumers in the biggest independent brand survey in Poland. They have selected the super league of all brands. The key criterion that was taken into account was brand recommendation that expresses trust and appreciation of quality.

The Superbrands Polska Marka 2018 title is given to the best brands of Polish origin, no matter where the capital of their current owner comes from, basing on a consumer survey by ARC Rynek i Opinia on a sample of 10 000 respondents.  


„The Superbrands title is a special award since it is given by Clients. Thanks to their voice, recommendations and trust for the brand, Drutex is among the strongest Polish brands. Drutex for years has been the undisputed leader in the window and door industry in Poland and it is the leading producer in Europe. This year ranking confirms the company’s undiminished position, respect and good reputation the brand enjoys in Clients’ opinion. It is the biggest motivation for further operations and for perfecting the quality of our products” - says Adam Leik, marketing director at Drutex.

The originator of the whole program is the Superbrands Ltd. global organization with headquarters in London.  Superbrands is an organization that aims at promoting and awarding strong brands in particular local markets and spreading the „branding” idea. Brands are selected at a few stages – above all by consumers and so called the Brand Council. 50 marketing, branding and advertising experts take part in the assessment process.

The Superbrands survey is carried out each year and it is the biggest survey of brand strength in Poland. 



Automatic three-point espagnolette in Drutex aluminum doors
Drutex and Jakub Błaszczykowski play for children!

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