Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy


DRUTEX S.A.  is very serious about privacy policy issues. Therefore, our priority is to make sure that you do not have to worry about your personal data protection while browsing our website.

It is possible to visit and browse most information regarding the company, its products and services without the necessity to  provide your personal data. However, on certain subpages  we may ask you to provide specific information, of which some might be considered personal data.

This privacy policy specifies how we will use personal data that we obtain from you, for example, when you use our  website. This policy applies to all visitors on our site, as well as all means of access, including, i.a.,  desktops, laptops, public internet terminals and mobile devices.

Providing your personal data through our website, you expressly consent to  use the collected data according to this privacy policy. If you should have any questions and comments regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service through ‘contact’ menu on our website.

1.    Definitions

„DRUTEX”: DRUTEX S.A. based in Bytów, Lęborska 31 street, registered under KRS number  0000140428 in the Register of Entrepreneurs KRS maintained by the District Court Gdańsk-Północ in Gdańsk 8th Commercial Department KRS.

“User (users)”: user or users of the website, together or individually, depending on the context;

“Website”: website available at the following main URL address: and our national domains 

„Personal data”: all information regarding the identified or identifiable natural person. 

2.    Type of collected personal data

On some subpages of our website, DRUTEX will collect your personal data, such as: name and surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, user’s name, password.

3.    Confidentiality of personal data

This privacy policy will form the basis for performing any activities connected with the use and processing of your personal data.

DRUTEX priority is to ensure best possible protection of your personal data, trying to prevent unlawful processing or accidental loss or removal of your personal data. We pay particular attention to safety in the following issues:  

  • adopting encryption mechanisms  whenever appropriate;
  • application of password protection;
  • demanding contractual guarantees from third parties; and
  • limiting access to your personal data

4.    Collection and storage of personal data

If you want to use the area of our website that requires registration, you will be asked to provide the relevant data. In such a case, DRUTEX explicitly stipulates that you will receive full access to the website only after providing the requested information and accepting the relevant policy and conditions.

Also, DRUTEX may collect your personal data:

  • while creating the user’s internet account;
  • when placing the order;
  • when ordering the newsletter;
  • when taking part in a competition, lottery or another promotion;
  • when filling in a survey;

DRUTEX will avoid collecting personal data that is not useful for the above purposes and will only store personal data as long as necessary to fulfil these purposes, or, when applicable, for the duration specified in the contract or required by the law.  

5.    Purposes of using personal data

All personal data that you provide is stored in secure servers.  
DRUTEX is entitled to use the collected personal data for the following purposes („purposes”):

  • registering you on the website as a user and providing services via the website             
  • ensuring that the website content is presented in the most effective way for you and your computer;
  • dealing with orders placed through the website;
  • research and analysis of market, clients, products and DRUTEX services 
  • facilitating the evaluation of company products and services for DRUTEX, as well as implementing improvements and adjustments;
  • internal documentation;
  • marketing, including providing you with information that you require or that may interest you in DRUTEX opinion, if you have given consent to contact you in such cases 
  • running competitions and/or other promotional activities;
  • recruitment

All the above apply also to the use of your personal data by associated companies.   

6.    Revealing personal data

DRUTEX will not pass your personal data to third parties without your consent, except for:

  • situations when it is necessary to reveal such information to enable DRUTEX employees, agents, subcontractors, suppliers and contractors to provide their services or fulfil tasks in the name
  • buyers or potential buyers of DRUTEX rights and duties connected with the website;
  • if revealing data is necessary to protect legitimate interests of DRUTEX, its clients or associated companies, or it is required or permitted by applicable laws

As a user, you acknowledge that all information you provide through tools that make the information visible to other persons will be publicly disclosed by the tools. It should be noted one should act carefully and wisely when revealing the information using such tools.

Whenever DRUTEX reveals your personal data to a carefully selected third party or third parties listed above, it will be revealed in line with the applicable laws regarding personal data protection.

7.    Direct marketing

On registration pages and other subpages of this website, you may be asked to indicate if you agree to receive specific information by e-mail or by post. If you agree, it means that you accept that DRUTEX will use your personal data to deliver you information about its products, promotional activities and special offers regarding DRUTEX products or services. At any time you may modify your preferences regarding direct marketing following the unsubscribe instructions in each email connected with direct marketing, or, if you registered as a user, through your account settings.

8.     Cookie files

DRUTEX continuously seeks to perfect  its website to the benefit of its users. Therefore, we use cookie files on some subpages.
A cookie file is simply a small text file that contains data saved when the users visit the website. It was designed in order to enable retrieving information about the user’s activity on the specific websites in the past.  They may include data about activities such as clicking on  specific links or pages, logging to the user’s profile or reading the content of websites that took place months or even years ago.  Cookie files can be divided into a few types. If it was not for them, websites would not work as users are used to.

Thanks to cookie files DRUTEX is able to, for example, guarantee that information shown on the screen during the next visit will suit user’s preferences. Cookie files enable DRUTEX to identify  the most popular website sections since they register information regarding the visited websites and browsing time.

On the basis of the data collected, DRUTEX S.A. might adjust the website so that it will meet the users’ expectations and respond better to their preferences.   Cookie files may also facilitate the application operations of third companies, such as connections with social networks.
For more information, please consult our cookie files policy. 

9.     Minors

Persons aged under 18 should not provide us with any personal data without the consent and supervision of a parent or  legal guardian. Without such a consent DRUTEX will not save data of such persons, nor will it process or pass it to third parties.

10.    Data administrator

ul. Lęborska 31
77-100 Bytów

11.     Governing laws

This privacy policy is governed by the laws of the European Union and the Republic of Poland.