Winter garden – how to take advantage of each ray of sunshine
A winter garden – a common dream, especially in our climate zone. 
Energy efficiency starts with the glass.
The difference between window panes and which one to choose for your windows: how many chambers??
Pre-Christmas window maintenance
Clean windows have some advantages: beauty and more light which is not covered by smudges or dirt.
The right windows are effective in fighting smog
Winter is coming, which means the heating season starts bringing about new challenges. 
Evaluation of windows in the property we want to buy
When deciding to purchase a house or a flat it is worth checking the quality of the installed windows. 
External roller shutters – a way to keep warm
If you are looking for solutions to increase thermal insulation in your house or flat, external roller shutters are a good solution.
10 basic rules for scorching days
The heat is taking its toll. This year summer has been spoiling us with high, almost African temperatures. 
Urbanization pushes more and more people all over the world to move from the country to the massively growing urban conglomerations. 
Trendy exit to the terrace – perfect not just in summer!
We value the terrace especially in summer, when it constitutes an extension of the day zone and if it is properly connected with the home space.